Everyone’s fitness level is varied. At different stage of our life, our performance varies. There is no one-size-fit-all program. The intensity of workout is decided upon your existing conditions. Let’s go through all the elements that make the personalized fitness program wholesome.



Long hours of sitting, poor posture at workstation and lack of activity is responsible for a reduction in muscle flexibility. Decreased pelvic mobility will increase the risk of suffering low back pain. Repetitive contractions in some sports such as jogging, football and boxing may also result in muscle imbalance that restrict flexibility as all involve movements where muscles are not worked through their full range. Improper resistance training exercise with a limited range of motion and higher loads may develop tightness within a muscle or muscular imbalance. Unless appropriate stretching strategy is applied, people who have the above mentioned conditions will have an increased susceptibility to exercise induced injury.

To conduct the static and movement assessment help to identify which muscles are tight and need stretching, and which muscles are weak thus require strengthening, will provide basis for flexibility work. You need a different routine and technique to do stretching before and after a training session.



Adequate flexibility allows you moving in all directions with ease. But without the strength of core, we fail to stand upright, let alone walking or lifting things. A strong core helps to brace the spine for stability and promote good posture, and enhances both mobility and stability, which in turn improves movement efficiency and keeps the muscles functioning in coordination with one another.

Isolated strengthening exercises to train the abdominals in all planes of motion and subsequent integrated full-body dynamic movements that involves all of the muscles surrounding the trunk is more effective to sculpt torso while also safeguarding your backs from pain and injury.


Functional Movement and Mobility Training

How we move in the training will carry over to the actual daily activity. Exercises become functional when you can move in greater efficiency while you are competing in sports game or doing housework, playing with your kids, walking your dog.

Movement constantly restricted to a particular range produces a specific range of movement for the relevant joint. Increase in training range results in increased flexibility. Multi-planar exercises are programmed to work through the range of motion required to produce the flexibility needed to move in all directions as required for life’s daily demands and sports. Being good at moving in all directions, not just the ones that the machines and most common exercises train, with different ways of challenging yourself in training sessions.



Eating is as crucial as exercise to keep you fit and make your life joyful as human bodies are made from food. Eating healthily is not just a matter of counting calories or simply consuming organic food. To maintain your body function properly by including the essential nutrients needed by the body in normal daily diet at the same time satisfy one’s appetite. Fatty meat still has its place in your plate if a balance is made between meals. That’s why we need a meal plan.

Adherence to healthy eating habits is the key factor resulting in better weight control and other health parameters. Feed your taste bud with fresh produce that are prepared in healthier form and flavor. Choose wisely by reading the food label. Design your own meal plan that fit into your lifestyle. You will find many easy and simple ideas to prepare nutrition-rich meal with different combination of foods in UMAMI Kitchen.