Coach Fitness classes do not focus only on reducing body fat or increasing strength. We center on bringing different aspects of overall health – physical, mental and emotional – into better balance.


The impact of daily habits, from breathing to posture, is far more profound than exercise on entire bodily system. In this class, we’ll go through exercises to experience how the components of flexibility, core strength and mobility complementary to each other in keeping us fit.

  • Poor posture causes pain in result of dysfunction breathing. To examine potential effects of dysfunctional breathing on shoulder and neck pain.
  • To learn the healthy alignment of the spine
  • To practise the correct breathing that activates the deep trunk muscles that is highly relevant to muscle sculpt and healthy spine
  • To practise the correct breathing that activates the deep trunk muscles that is highly relevant to muscle sculpt
  • To discover the action of core muscles when we move

Time: 1 hour


Breathing is unconscious but foundational activity of the body that promotes optimum health. When the normal breathing mechanics fails because of the stress and desk bound work, you’ll also have difficulty in workouts. Here is a step-by-step approach to optimal breathing strategies by integrating proper utilization of the deep muscle system which assists in maintaining control of the trunk and spine.

Breathing 123

  • To examine the shallow and deep breathing
  • To identify the muscles that restrict the diaphragmatic(deep) breathing
  • Stretching exercises and foam rolling to realign the tension balance

Time: 1 hour

Breathing 01

  • Breathing exercises, including stretching and deep relaxation, that will enrich our body with an influx of oxygen and a much-improved posture and protection of the low back

Time: 1 hour

Breathing 02

  • Do you find yourself breathlessness when holding planks in your workout? Learning 3D breathing strategy that incorporates breathing to activate core stability with ease
  • Body weight exercises to improve the core stability integrated with optimal breathing

Time: 1 hour

Breathing 03

  • Enhanced breathing exercises & core activation with movement

Time: 1 hour


Performing both flexibility and resistance exercises can help realign posture. To find out what stretch is best for you and develop your own routine, as short as 5 mins, that is workable for you on daily basis.

Foam Rolling & Stretch

  • Introducing self-myofascial release (SMR) to release muscle tightness and fascia by using foam roller, tennis ball
  • Stretch upper body and hips
  • Stretching focuses on deep breathing, which helps retrain the brain and body to breathe correctly

Time: 1 hour

3D STRETCH for office workers

  • Prolonged sitting cause upper back locked long while pelvic area becomes so stiff that may lead to knee problems
  • Stretch exercises to prevent low back pain and correct unattractive round shoulder

Time: 1 hour


We can move efficiently in life whether in playing sports or daily work when we able to maintain good posture. Core strength is about how well you carry the weight over the center of gravity, in static and moving around. This progressive core training is designed for healthy back, tone-up mid-section and muscle sculpt.

Core 01

  • Exercises for coordinating the abs muscles with breathing
  • Fundamental skills for core stability
  • Abs conditioning including planks, balance exercise

Time: 1 hour

Core 02

  • Exercises for core stability & strengthening
  • Static-hold exercises along with dynamic movements

Time: 1 hour


When we walk, lifting things off the ground or carrying from one place to another, a concert of muscle groups that attaches to the spine, rib cage or pelvis influences movement around the body’s center of gravity. It is more useful to train the body’s coordination, balance and stability. Fitness comes into play when you are doing high-quality, efficient movement and the body try to adapt to the intensity as it increases.

Movement 01

  • To identify dysfunctional movement and its impact on body
  • Learn to perform foundational movements that make up the complex moves that we perform in our daily life
  • Maintain core stability when we move

Time: 1 hour

Movement 02

  • Exercises that improve basic movements with higher intensity
  • Loaded movement training with various gears such as kettle-bell, sandbell

Time: 1 hour

Train hard? Train smart!