Train hard or train smart?

Are you frustrated by exercises and diets that didn’t deliver results? Coach Fitness emphasizes multi-joint exercises and enhances body awareness, functional strength and flexibility, as well as reduces stress. Whether you are novice or veteran in exercise, our Class and Personal Training will bring you to next level.

Candy Lai

Founder of Coachfitness

Bsc Communicatons/CPT Personal Trainer (ACE)
Certified CoreFit Pilates Instructor (Matwork), AASFP & BET
Certified Aqua Fitness Instructor, FISAF/TRX suspension training Certification
Sports Massage Certification, AASFP/Stretch-ability Foundation Instructor Certification, AASFP
CPR, Red Cross

Eat well and dynamic lifestyle

After many years of personal training since 2000, it is more effective to see fitness in multi-dimensions. Our body is the function of different systems —respiration, circulation, digestion and the nervous system that working interdependently. Any dysfunction in an area will kick off a chain reaction that acts on our body physically and emotionally. In training we are addressing physical issues in priority but at the same time taking cognitive and emotional aspects into account.


Health is the 4 wheels driving you forward in your life journey.


Moderate daily activity plus regular workouts.


Nutrition-densed eating pattern to nourish our body.


Healthy weight is that you can move pain free and feel happy.


Positive thinking, practice of mindfulness and stress management.

Coach Fitness adopts a more comprehensive and sensitive training approach to support you in developing greater well-being in body and mind, leading you to make better choices and get better results in every way.