Train for movement efficiency

The crucial role of connective tissue in transmitting force through a series of muscles greatly model how we train our body striving towards a more coordinated and healthier body. The fascial system explains how soft tissue length tension balance affects human movement distribution through tensional network in which specific lines of pull are identified. When forces are introduced at one point in our body, they are simultaneously transmitted to other parts of the body. Continue reading →

Lack of mobility and stability induces pain

Everyone shares the same experience of moving feel like a robot after you strain your neck or due to muscle soreness after running your first marathon. One area or particular joint in your body is stuck, you are bound to move rest of body as a whole. How well you move is greatly affected by mobility and stability of the joints. How fit you are depending on how efficient you move. Continue reading →

Fitness through learning movement patterns

Fitness through learning movement patterns

Many people are eager to lift weight once starting a fitness program. Care more of what machines for tone up particular muscles group than asking what the body needs or seldom question what impact the exercises impose on the whole body. When we walk or jump, more than one muscle group is working together and move in multi-plane. Movement-based exercise is more beneficial to allow the muscles working with other parts of the body. In other words, we are not training the muscles, but let the body be more efficient to coordinate the movements. Continue reading →

Sculpted your body in 3D movements

How often do we push stuff away from us when we are lying down? Rather, we pick things up then turn around and put them away, in office or passing ball in sports game. Carrying bag on one shoulder, same as walking, such an asymmetrical and single-leg activity is what we do all day long. We hardly move in single joint action as we do in gym, curling our arms standing still or bench press. The exercises we do is supposed to make everyday life better such as lifting the luggage when you are travelling without fear of sprain the back or less exhausted running around with your baby in one arm. Continue reading →